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The integration of fish farming with ducks is an old practice in Asia especially in China. One of the major benefits of the combined culture of fish and ducks is that considerably more animal proteins can be produced from the same area. The duck benefits from the pond and the duck manure accelerates fish growth, which is a continuous source of organic matter rich in Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus. The manure increases the water productivity and there by the natural food supply for the stocked fish .   It has been estimated that one duck can produce approx. 270 gm (wet weight )  of manure per day and about 100-125 ducks are adequate for fertilization of one acre fish pond.

            In their project of an integrated duck fish-farming system is being established and has three purposes.

1)      Enhancing  the fish production in pond.

2)      Production of duck eggs

3)      Recreation empirically for children. Duck house have been constructed in this project


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